Diego Rossi - Sept 2011

We have been very busy since we opened 3 years ago. Please plan ahead as our suites are all different and there might be availability for the dates you want but not in the suite you would like so book early. We are a Surf Club and we have our rules. Peace and harmony are a Rule for us. Not a concept. So please read trough our mandatory Club Rules before you book your reservation. We require a one night payment via Visa or MasterCard to book reservations. Full payment of your entire lodging with Visa or MasterCard upon arrival . You must also : Open an account, present Passport and photo ID, and sign the registration form accepting the Surf Club rules that are posted in this section.

Catalina is the Far Off Wilderness. Come prepared for that. 

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Suite #1:
Point Suite – Two levels- Point View – Porsche – Sleeps 5
$ 175.00 P/N
Suite #2:
Matrimonial Suite – Bay View – Sleeps 2
$ 135.00 P/N
Suite #3:
FAMILY SUITE – Forest View – Sleeps 4
$ 125.00 P/N
DSC_7498 copy
* Our 3 suites have Satelite TV with 10 movie channels, hot water and big A/C’ s.


Independent House, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, large porch with hamocks overlooking the point and the blue Pacific.-
$ 150.00 P/N
Please contact us to book a suite.