Once you exit the airport you need to folow signs to CORREDOR SUR and take the main highway to the city.

Never leave the main highway, it’s a straight road all the way to SANTIAGO/

Once you enter Panama City continue all the way to the end of the boulevard and folow signs on the overpasses to the BRIDGE OF THE AMERICAS. PUENTE DE LAS AMERICAS is the old bridge over the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal. Once over the bridge continue for 3 hours until you reach the town of SANTIAGO.

Once you enter Santiago make a left turn in front of the KFC (KENTUCKY FRIED CHIKEN). That’s the main avenue, continue on the main central avenue all the way to the church. Another right before the church and around the park taking the first left on the park, another right at the museum and a left at the farmacy. You are on your way to SONA. 45 minutes later you will pass a large river and make a left at the gas station before entering Sona. 45 more minutes until signs to Catalina, make a left and after 30 minutes you pass a whole bunch of little towns and after entering Catalina make a left up a hill on the payphones and follow dirt road and signs to ON THE REEF.

It’s a long drive so take it easy and enjoy the countryside.

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