Club Rules





  1. Check In – Our club requires you to fill out a registration form and sign it. You also need to open an account by signing an open voucher with your cc and present your passport at check inn. Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in us denying you service and forfeit of your payment. So please bring your passport, photo ID and a working Visa or MasterCard.
  2. Full payment via Visa or MasterCard to guarantee reservations. This payment is non refundable. The club reserves the right to charge guests $500.00USD penalty for damages, missing decorations or beach towels and for malicious or unfair reviews. By signing the registration form/ contract, you agree to these rules.
  3. Our private Surf Club was built to offer guests a chance to experience Catalina in peace. Our Guest House is a self service resort. Don’t expect anything else. We offer privacy and comfort found nowhere else in Catalina. People we host come here in search of peace and harmony. Difficult persons are not welcome. Anyone found being over demanding or mistreating our staff will be refused service and escorted out of our compound with no refunds.
  4. Santa Catalina is the far off wilderness. If you come to the Tropical Wilderness you better not be afraid of bugs. Our Nalu sits within a small forest. We offer our members ocean front comfort and privacy in a healthy natural environment. We use bait instead of toxic poison to control ants. We fumigate only when necessary. It is a tropical jungle. Lots of insects. If you see insects and they bother you we will be glad to fumigate but don’t make a big fuss about it because you will be refused service and escorted out of the compound with no refunds for disturbing the peace and making a big deal out of something you where forewarned about. Rule #4.
  5. Dress code. Yes, bikinis and tongues on women are allowed. Not on guys please. Yes trunks and bare feet are allowed guys but please shirt up after sunset.
  6.  No loud parties or any sort of disturbances. Is ok if you want to play music as long as it does not disturb other guests or members. You can drink all you want as long as you know how to hold your liquor and don’t become a nuisance. No screaming or loud telephone conversations please.
  7.  Proper respect please. We are a dedicated establishment and we host world-renowned personalities. Please be respectful and give them their space. Be respectful of our staff and facilities and other guests. This is rule #7.
  8.  Most of our guests practice a water sport. If you come to Catalina as a tourist be warned that it is hot and barren. Our accommodations are rustic because we like it that way. We love Catalina precisely because it is rustic and simple. We are the opposite of a luxury beach vacation. Catalina too is raw nature and a simple fishing village. If you like fishing, diving, snorkeling or surfing we are the place for you. If you are a regular tourist you might get bored and start to complaint about small stuff and why is everything so backward. That’s not allowed in our Club. Rule #8
  9. When in Rome do as the Romans. Very good advice. In our culture it is very rude to complaint or criticize while being a guest. Please be pleasant and cordial if you want us to be pleasant and cordial. Peace and Harmony are a RULE not a concept at our resort.
  10. The Surf Club is a Guest House and not a full service hotel. The keeper can clean, change your linens and give you fresh towels but you need to ask. There is also a laundry and an ocean front kitchen now open for guests to use. Clean up after you use the kitchen.
  11. The Club reserves the right to deny service and evict from the compound any guest or member found braking these simple rules or for disturbing the peace or being a nuisance to other guest or members of the staff.