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Update – November 2016

Hello folks. Many places to stay now available yet we remain the one and only truly private place in Catalina. We are the only ones with private ocenafront Bungalows and Suites directly in front of the Point. All our neighbors are surf camps. With 3 rooms only we guarantee our guest quiet relaxation.

We have a great track record that speaks for itself. We have taken care of hundreds of people every year since we opened in 2009. Yet we have only 30 reviews. Very few complaints. Every year we get someone that has issues or personal problems. That is normal and 1 guest in every 500 if we go by Trip Advisor.

Don’t let yourself be lured into a crowded surf camp. They have tiny pools that are used by the gardener and employees all the time. Some times you get 50 surfers at a time on their small pools. Some others advertise free stuff and many amenities yet they are crowded surf camps.

We are  more expensive to remain exclusive but we are not the Waldorf either. Rustic and simple accommodations are located on top of a cliff overlooking the main break and the outer islands. Truly oceanfront facilities within a larger full acre oceanfront compound.

Quiet. Very quiet and secluded. Amazing views and sunsets.

The workers have been instructed to give guests their space. We do not have Wi-Fi because the signal in Catalina is very bad and we get blamed for the lame signal. Our three U.S. style suites have Hot Water, Big A/C’s and satellite television. The entire resort is right in front of the ocean with security 24-7. –

Being one of the original crew I have been here since the beginning and we have watched the place become a Zoo. There are a couple of guys renting rooms out of their own house and they have a 9.5 rating and a FABULOUS! Rating in some web sites. Wajaja! So watch out for that.

We have a ton of pics up so you know where you are going and what the place is like.

At the end of the day we are in the best posible spot. Not a super resort. Just a comfortable place in the best location.


Our kitchen is now open for guest to use and store food. There is also a barbecue grill right on the cliff overlooking the ocean.

I run a large business in Panama City where I live with my family. I come often to surf the Point but our properties are run by local people that do the upkeep and tend to guests. They are trustwordy and hardworking. I know their entire family. In 7 years nothing has ever been lost or stolen in any of our hotels.

In the Catalina property we offer privacy and seclusion on the oceanfront for guest to be at peace. There is no big staff just a quiet place, clean and comfortable. It is the best place to stay in Catalina and we also have the best view.

Contact me via email at onthereefpanama@gmail.com with any questions no problem.
I can also give you good tips and help you organize tours and lessons.

The Property

Some of the new lodges are very nice but not private and not on the Point. Some are very crowded all the time. We really are On The Reef and we enjoy 140 meters of oceanfront directly in front of the famous Point. Security 24- 7.   A small forest keeps temperature down when it is very hot everywhere else.

High on a cliff and directly in front of the wave there is no place like ours. We recently finished the roof over our deck offering our guest the only place in the whole area with a restaurant and bar directly in front of the point. We are truly on the water and our private Surf Club offers what the other hotels and surf camps can’t; Oceanfront privacy.

We wanted from the very beginning to differentiate ourselves by offering our guests the luxury of peace and quiet so they could enjoy Catalina the way we had. Relax in our deck and have a cocktail while you watch perfect waves peel off to a breathtaking sunset.

Our relaxing atmosphere and tropical surroundings are complemented by incredible vistas of the ocean and tropical Islands, stark contrasts… the green forested Islands floating on a sea of blue.

When visiting Catalina you will find our location very different from the rest.

Also the most amazing Sunsets you will ever see. Many famous filmmakers have been taking powerful images back to the U.S. from our place in Catalina for over 30 years.

Our small “Surf Club” is 100% Panamanian owned and operated so you won’t miss out in the cultural experience either. Get Fish and sea food fresh from the sea and cook it right on the waterfront. There is a Barbecue grill Panamanian style right on the cliff overlooking the ocean The Kitchen is also available for guests to cook and store their food. Just make sure you set it up during the reservation process.

We cater to sport fishermen and divers too. We can help you contact the right people to take you to the right places. Our three U.S. style suites have Hot Water, Big A/C’s and satellite television. The entire resort is right in front of the ocean with security 24-7. –

Please do check our Photo Galleries. You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words…” –



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Traveling to Catalina since 1975. Read my Surfline Article: 30 Years of Perfect Waves in Central America

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More on Santa Catalina de Veraguas 

Santa Catalina today is still a small, sleepy fishing village. A wellTiara copy kept secret by surfers for many years, Catalina has experienced the first signs of growth in the form of dive operations, restaurants and many small hostels. The small village is waking up to world tourism and already large companies from the U.S. and Europe have invested in large land acquisitions for tourism and residential development.

Seen the need for better accommodations we strive to provide ocean front comfort and privacy in this far off wilderness. We also serve good hearty food in our Hui Nalu Bar and Restaurant. Complete breakfasts and great coffee; fresh seafood and home cooking right on the point. Our large waterfront will offer lots of privacy in this secluded tropical paradise. We are right on the reef and we have access to the channel. No walking trough the rocks . That means easy access for snorkeling and fishing right off our small beach. A small creek and forest keep temperature down and provide shade and a lovely natural environment.

Whether you are a Diver, Sports Fisherman, Beach Lover or a Big Wave enthusiast this is the place for you to set off and explore Coiba, Hannibal Bank, Granito de Oro, Hicaron and the world Famous Santa Catalina Point Break.

If you are serious about your sport you know about the 1,500 poundRickysPargoCatalina Marlin caught in Hannibal Bank. You also know that Coiba has the largest coral reef on the Eastern Pacific and plays host to Orcas and hundreds of Pelagic and tropical species.

Coiba National Park s the very last frontier for ocean lovers. It is part of a an Ocean Corridor that stretches from Cocos Island in Costa Rica, to the Coiba Island Chain, to the Zane Grey Reef in Piñas Bay, to Malpelo in Colombia ending up in the Galapagos Islands.

Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, Marlins, Sail Fish and the sought after Wahoo are all seen regularly in the waters off Coiba Island.

In Fact this area of Panama is called the Lost Coast by U.S. and European Settlers.

Enjoy a day on a white sandy beach on a lush tropical island with no one on it but you.

Fish for huge game fish with no one around but the blue pacific and your crew.

Dive to adventure in the many pinnacles and reefs off Coiba. World Class diving in an unforgettable setting. You will surely mark it in your dive book as one of the best experiences of your life. World renown for its abundance of Fish, Panama is now a sought-after dive destination for serious divers looking for the ultimate thrill.

Explore the many deserted Islands and Point Breaks. Ride a perfect tube where no one has ever surfed before. Hey! Name a point after yourself.

Paradise Found eCome and discover the Lost Coast from the comfort of our exclusive club.
Please book in your reservation in advance as we have been very busy.

If you are planing a trip to the highlands we can give you a deal for a stay in both our hotels.

Vist our highlands Mountain Lodge : www.haciendaspanama.com

And for more information about our parent company and their other projects and properties.